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Rear Admiral Alexandre da Fonseca – Flotilha, Portuguese Navy, Portugal

“Your company maintained the highest level of support, through different services as both port agents and ship chandlers and in different geographical areas. The support is of special importance to the Portuguese navy, namely the services you gave the ships N.R.P. “Vasco da Gama” and N.R.P. “Hermenegildo Capelo” in East Timor, and also the supports to the flagships of the Stanavforlant , N.R.P. “Alvares Cabral” and N.R.P. “Corte Real”.”

Captain de Corbeta Mauricio Javier Casallas Martinez, Jefe Oficina Planeacion Logistica Armada Nacional, Colombian Navy

“Pennsylvania Ship Supply Company Inc. has worked with the cadet tall ship ARC Gloria since 1984 as suppliers of food and spare parts for the duration of her extensive voyages around the world for periods of 7-9 months. Since 2010, we nominated Pennsylvania Ship Supply to serve as maritime agents for all vessels belonging to the Colombian Aramada worldwide providing the following services such as pilots, tugs, mooring, garbage removal, sludge removal, sewage removal, etc and also serving as food, spare parts and fuel suppliers.This work is quite crucial to meet the mission entrusted to the units of the Navy, and especially the decision to select this company as our maritime agents is crucial. In emergency situations working day and night to solve logistical problems and with their help we managed to reach the best results for the Colombian Navy”.

Le commissaire François Laurent, Commissaire of the Air craft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, France

“The company Pennsylvania Ship Supply, Inc. was nominated to act as the Maritime agent in Norfolk, for the air craft carrier “Charles De Gaulle”. In addition this company was responsible to supply food and organize excursions for the aircraft carrier.
During this port call, the first for an aircraft carrier in the USA for 32 years, and the first for “Charles de Gaulle” in the USA, the personal attention, the efficacy, the availability and the responsiveness of this company and its representatives were excellent.
The food supplied was of good quality, in good condition, and delivered on time. The hotel reservations and the transportation for 1475 people and the organized trips were prepared to our satisfaction.The agency services were also completed to the satisfaction of the ship (telephone, gangways, spare parts supplies and relations with different departments on the ship).”

Commander J.H.A.J. Armstrong – HMS Illustrious- The British Royal Navy

"My grateful thanks to Pennsylvania Ship Supply, Inc for your valuable support to HMS Illustrious during her “Global Deployment. Your company has supplied the ship at a number of ports in several countries namely Singapore, Port Kelang, Brisbane, Fremantle and Bombay. Despite some of the difficulties encountered, you have been able to fulfill all of the ship’s requirements. I am pleased to confirm that all items received by the ship were of first class quality and on every occasion of sailing Illustrious was fully stored. Again, many thanks. Your efforts on the ship’s behalf have smoothed our path considerably during the deployment.”

Capitan Luis Jorge Tovar Neira – ARC Gloria, navy school sailing ship, Colombia

“I finished my command and I passed the command of the ship Gloria to the captain Guillermo Laverde. I recommended him to continue to work with you, because in my 30 years in my career at the sea, I never worked with people so responsible and honest and organized like you.
Thank you for making my command easier.”

Commissaire de la Marine Carine Truchi – Frigate Jean Bart, France

“The representative of the company was efficient and always onboard when we needed his presence.”

Lieutenant Poppen, Group Logistics Coordinator TG 501.01 – FGS Sachsen. Germany

“Pennsylvania Ship Supply was the responsible and husbanding agency for the German Task Group 501.01. During the port visits in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), Fort Lauderdale, Mayport, and New York (USA).

The Professionalism and the outstanding quality of the organized services by Pennsylvania Ship Supply were very earmarking for our port calls.

I like to thank very much for this fantastic liaison and distinguished working relationship. A further cooperation between Pennsylvania Ship Supply and the German Navy will be desirable.”

Captain Jose de Carvalho Ferreira – Brazilian Navy School Ship “Brasil”, Brazil

"The immediate action of this company, offering a solution to a big problem that was not under the contract between the ship and the company, demonstrates the administrative capacity, professional competency- but more than that- the honesty in the goal to support the ship in whatever is needed, as they have been doing annually for the last cadets’ instruction voyages.”

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